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About Austar Digital Hearing Aids

About Austar Digital Hearing Aid

In 2003, AST hearing (AST Hearing Science and Technology) set up in Xiamen City. As a national high-tech enterprise, AST has been devoting itself to the hearing improvement of the hearing impaired with Science and Technology. Our business covers digital hearing aids, listening devices and Audiology-related equipments AST hearing (AST Hearing Science and Technology) obtained SGS (SGS Group), ISO9001, ISO13485, CE, US FDA certifications, with more than 500 dealers in the United States, Europe, Asia and America, in China, we have nearly 3000 digital hearing aids dealers and distributors. AST has made outstanding achievements in the global market. AST hearing (AST Hearing Science and Technology) established worldwide subsidiaries, AST (Germany), AST (Turkey), AST (China), AST (Singapore), AST (Hong Kong)……AST has been providing customers with considerate services and perfect products worldwide. AST hearing (AST Hearing Science and Technology) carried out research and development in collaboration with, Tsinghua University, Jimei University, obtained one project from Xiamen focused research projects named "Based EZAIRO DSP Algorithm and System for Digital Hearing Aids," and one project from Fujian Province Science and Technology Program industrial introductory (Key) projects named "Independent Innovative Digital Hearing Aid Algorithm and System Development." AST Has been authorized 12 utility model patents, 5 software copyrights, and 2 design patents. AST hearing subsidiary “ Xiamen LA&A Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.” obtained Hundred Talents project of Xiamen city. On international cooperation, AST hearing partners including the Semiconductor, NXP Semiconductors, Intricon and Knowles Electronics etc. With the continuous market success, AST actively participates in Charity and makes a contribution to society in line with its social responsibility. AST (China) donated in Yushu disaster area, Wenchuan Earthquake disaster area, and Maoshan area ect. The contribution to society is the honor of the entire AST team. Social responsibility has become the main Company Culture of AST.
Austar participated in Germany EUHA congress and USA Audiology Annual Meeting
austar hearing aids

austar hearing aids

The certificates of our digital hearing aid products:

CE ISO9001 ISO13485 Utility model patent(1) Utility model patent(2) Utility model patent(3)
Utility model patent(4) Utility model patent(5) Utility model patent(6) Utility model patent(7) Utility model patent(8) Design Patent -->